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A Wet-Dry Filter, A Berlin Sump or a Refugium, What Should you Use with Your Aqaurium?

In a world of aquariums, the "Marsh" or "sump Berlin" a general term for an open basin or reservoir of water below the reservoir, fed by water from the surface of fish or reef tanks. The water is then returned to the top of the aquarium, using a pump connected or inside the sump. A swamp can also be part of a filter system which also has an open space for pumps and / or skimmers and other devices used to enhance or control the conditions of the water.

Amount for aquariums
Aquarium sinks can be classified into three categories, Berlin tanks, filters, wet dry and a special type of system known as a refuge. These systems can vary widely in design, shape and mechanics, which prevent us from being able to provide generic instructions for configuration. However, most often a large box like acrylic or glass tank which was divided into two sections in the center. A section is where the aquarium water is delivered. The other part is used to allow a water pump to the back of the aquarium.

Berlin housing
The word "swamp" usually refers to the section containing the pump or vacuum pump. But in the case of a system of Berlin, which is a completely open tank, the entire tank is sometimes called "swamp". All these systems have several things in common. Because these filters are open systems, they can be supplied with water taken from the surface of the aquarium. If they were fed from below the surface, a filter below to overflow and flood, when the pump was turned off. Therefore, they all require the use of a pre-filter overflow in some way, either integrated into the reservoir or drawing that hangs on the back of the aquarium.

What should I use?
The big question is always asked, which service to use? In general, if the aquarium is live rock aquarium or sump, then the Wet-Dry filter is not necessary, because it really is just a temporary storage for debris (debris from the tank), and not really desired. The surface of the organic live rock is great and good bacteria to form and follow, and offers the best possible growth of a biological system. Containers for live rock biological media are generally unharmed loads of big fish, because the biological system is so strong.

If you build an aquarium fish only system of live rock, it is not desired, and then the wet-dry filter system or well is very necessary for further growth organically stable aquarium environment the media.

What about refugium?
Sump refugium is an area divided was added to our growing marine plants that absorb the nitrates in the water. These act as a nitrate fertilizer for the plants, and maintain the level of nitrates 0 aquarium or very close to it. Refugium can be one of the aquarium cover is added, or it may be the main sump system with a common area dedicated to the main pump, self-illuminated seaweed, and the area dedicated to the skimmer.

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