Monday, March 12, 2012

Filtration Process & Methods of Filtration

The importance of understanding the filtration process & its functionality, you must have to know what actually it is, and why it’s been used.  Filtration is to maintain & setting up a healthier & safer atmosphere for fishes & other specimen you have. Now we are going to describe a little about the three main types of water filtration for aquariums & fish tanks, to give you understanding about how filter works.

There are three basic types of filters that we use to filter the water of aquariums and fish tanks, namely:
1.       The Mechanical System
2.       The Biological System
3.       The Chemical System.

The Mechanical Filtration System
The Mechanical filtration, it is easier to understand the mechanical filtration process. It filters out the solids wastes from fish tank’s water by means of straining the water via filtration media, i.e. some sponge, fiber wool and other specific mediums. The mechanical filter requires periodic cleaning, and maintenance depending on the condition & environment of the aquarium / fish tank. It may clog up with solids while filtering, so you must have to take care of that, in regard to keep the filter functional.

The Biological Filtration System
The Biological filtration system, it is the most important type of tank water filtration among all three. It is performed by adding some friendly bacteria in the fish tank / aquarium, by adding friendly bacteria you can perform biological filtration to filter harmful chemical deposits produces by the livestock kept in your fish tank /aquarium.

The Chemical Filtration System
The chemical filtration, it is a filtration process which is performed by maintaining the chemical composition of tank water, and the removal of harmful chemicals from tank water. You can perform this type of filtration by means of adding few resins or some activated carbons in tank’s water. The activated carbon is capable enough to remove those chemicals which may cause damage to the species kept in aquarium by means of chemical absorption, these carbons become saturate & they need replacement or some recharging activity to keep them functional.

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