Monday, March 12, 2012

Customized Aquariums

You need customized aquarium if you have a hobby of fish keeping, because of the availability, size of the space you chose for placing your aquarium and the species you going to keep within your aquarium. Custom aquariums are mostly referred to large or unusual shaped aquarium. The species are also looks so comfortable while swimming in their customized homes, by the you may start thinking about customization of the aquarium you have.

Advantages of Customized Aquariums & Fish tanks:
There are several reasons to make you buy customized aquariums.
·         You can build / get your dream aquarium for you.
·         If you have a space extra space then the size of standard tanks, you can customize your aquarium to suit & fit your exact specifications.
·         If you want to give an integrated display which may better suited to the reservoir, then you should go for custom based aquarium to fulfill that thing.
·         When you want a large tank (beyond what you can find the standard size), you can get one.
·         A custom aquarium can be custom fitted with all the equipment you need to make it look all together, what a brilliant result and professional appearance.
·         You can get a custom ornamental iron-free glass "Sapphire," so that glass will not have a slight green tint in it.
·         When you purchase a custom aquarium, usually can get the design team to help design your system in place.

Disadvantages of Customized Aquarium & Fish tanks:
Now that we have exceeded the good things, let's talk about the disadvantages of buying a custom shaped aquarium, so that you can be known to everything and every aspect of that aquarium.
Here we go on why a custom aquarium cannot be the right option for you. Basically, the overwhelming problem of course with a customized one is the cost of building a custom designed aquarium:
·         The price of a building a custom tank will be more than the tanks off-the-shelf.
·         When you purchase a aquarium having customized shape & design, its stand will also be custom made to be fixing with it properly.
·         The ceiling of the tank will probably be necessary to measure, and it needs to be custom made according to the size & shape of the tank.

In addition to the cost, it is also necessary to look at the distributor issues:
·         You have to work with a reputable dealer so you do not receive a shoddy construction. Find out what your testing process and what their guarantee for those custom tanks.
·         You need to find a dealer willing to bring or ship your custom aquarium to you. Many of the customized shell design teams have some limited graphical areas, where they can provide you custom services.

Advice in designing your Custom Built Aquarium:
When it comes to design your aquarium, you should be sure to listen to your design team. It is likely that with their experience, know what they going to say about the design or built.
Here are some quality designer tips for the general concept for design custom aquarium:
·         Create your tank to increase the surface area. A greater increase in surface area can provide better oxygen exchange between tank water and the oxygen in the air. To increase the area, build your water tank wider.
·         It may be counterintuitive, but sometimes people create their tanks built taller than wide. This will give the tank owner a chance to raise more fish in the same fish tank. Different species of fishes may like to exist in different depth levels. So it is convenient option for tank owners to keep more different species within the same tank.
·         Whatever the height is, the reef tanks must be some thicker than the regular sized aquariums. By this idea, you mean, you want more of a "square-ish" on a single rectangular tank to meet your corals and or other live rock.

Online Source for Custom Built Aquariums
Aquarium illusions Inc. is the company having web & physical presence, producing custom aquariums.
·         Aquarium illusions Inc. has so many standard aquariums, Aquarium illusions Inc. also makes custom coral inserts besides producing custom aquarium. Aquarium illusions Inc. is situated in Edmonton, Alberta CA but service both commercial and residential projects across the nation.

For more information:
Aquarium Illusions Inc.
Phone:  780 483-7027
Fax:    780 483-7081
Toll Free:   1-800-559-6546 (In Canada)

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