Monday, March 12, 2012

Custom Glass Aquarium Starphire - Is The Extra Expense Of Ultra Clear Starphire Worth It?

In designing a custom aquarium, its most important decision is deciding what type of glass in your tank will be built. You have to decide whether an aquarium glass Starphire worth the extra expense. There are some differences in the type of glass used for the manufacture of aquarium should be considered. The two most popular types of glass for the manufacture of custom aquariums are clear glass, glass or Starphire Ultra. This article will review the main differences that will help you decide which glass to choose from.

The most important comparative differences Starphire Glass Aquarium Aquarium and glass are as follows:

The clarity and light transmission
Starphire glass has a lower iron content, when the upper surface of the eyes untouched. When you look at the edge of Starphire is a unique blue color, as opposed to a variety of bright green glass shade. Due to the unprecedented clarity, the best offers higher light transmission. This is especially important for reef aquariums or planted in order to obtain an efficient light through the glass eye and a refreshing change. Ask the designer of the tank to show the comparative samples of glass, so you can see firsthand the differences in clarity.

Zero and Crystals
Some people believe that due to low iron glass is slightly sweet, making it more sensitive to scratches. There is some truth in this, but not enough to make a difference. The same care and precautions for both types of glass. One of the biggest advantages in buying Glass aquariums do not scratch easily.

According to the manufacturer and the thickness of the glass used, it is possible that a Starphire aquarium glass can cost 15 to 40% in a clear glass aquarium. Some ways to reduce the extra expense is the use of glass panels in the main view Starphire only. You can find the extra expense to be useful if the tank is built in a permanent exhibition, or the focal point of a room.

Most glass aquariums Starphire must be custom ordered. Due to the cost of inventories of glass storage is possible that some manufacturers cover only the insulating glass with a reduced thickness. The waiting time for an aquarium as they are built is usually 4 to 8 weeks depending on the manufacturer and the details of tank design.

Decision on the type of glass is purely aesthetic. There is no essential difference in the strength or longevity Starphire between the glass and clear glass. When the budget allows, and the location of the aquarium to further improves the properties of glass Starphire, more customers choose to upgrade. However, when the tank has been installed, most people can not say what type of glass used in construction. Whether you choose a glass aquarium screen is beautiful. The aquarium will feature valuable for many years, in order to collect as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision and choice of glass design.

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