Monday, March 12, 2012

Recommended Daily Fish Tank Checks & Monitors

Fish tank check should be performed on daily basis to notice & diagnose the problems with the fish tank equipments & specimens contained in, before any loss or damage to them. Here we are going to suggest you few daily checks for this purpose, which may be very helpful to you, by applying these you may save your equipment & specimen as well.

Checks for Animals
·         Find missing animals to avoid any decay in tank.
·         Immediately remove any dead animal found in your tank.
·         Remove any injured or sick animal from the tank.
·         Separate those animals that fight most.
·         Remove any uneaten food from the tank.

Checks for Plants
·         Remove all the dead or dying plants & their parts from the tank.
·         Change the water of the tank immediately if you find excessive nitrates in it.
·         Remove excess number of algae, especially on viewing glass or plants

Checks for the Support equipments of tank
·         Verify that supply of air is on & supply is in progress.
·         You must verify that all the electrical supply equipments & supporting equipment are working correctly.
·         Verify that there is no hole in the tank & water containing equipments attached.
·         Add more water when the tank level goes low.
·         Replace the fused lighting bulbs from the equipment immediately.
·         Verify & check that the water of tank is clear & clean.

Checks for the Tank
·         Verify that there are no overflows & leak in or from the tank.
·         Clean the tank & its supporting equipments if you find any accumulated salts on them.

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