Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Build a Sump Refugium Filter

                To build your own Refugium Filter for your aquarium, to need to follow these nineteen (19) steps & at the successful ending, you finally got your Refugium Filter ready:

·         Place the aquarium on a work surface that is clean and smooth.
·         Cut the sandpaper into strips and use it to sand the edges of two glass panels.
·         Wet a piece of cloth & wipe the both glass sheets with acetone and wipe the edges of two pieces of glass to remove cutting oils, glass and sandpaper any residual dirt.
·         Put a towel on work surface & put both the glass sheets on it.
·         Press a thin bead of silicone sealant on the side edge on both the right and left of the first pane of glass.
·         Measure the distance of 6 cm from the right side of the aquarium and note in front of and behind the boxes in the aquarium. Put the two boxes of matches, in a uniform manner; at equal distances between them along an imaginary line that mark 6 inches, the width of the aquarium sign.
·         Place the first piece of glass in the tank and carefully lay on the matchboxes. Place your finger over the bead of silicone where the first glass pane is secured to the tank and the rear window.
·         Cut three strips of tape and use them to hold the first glass pane in position by registering the window at the aquarium, both front and rear walls. Because the window is on the game boxes, there should be an opening between the bottom of the window, and the bottom of the tank.
·         Squeeze a thin continuous bead of silicone along the edge of the right and left of the second glass.
·         Place the second piece of glass carefully in the tank at a distance of 6 inches from the first panel. Place your finger over the bead of silicone in fixing the glass panel second to the front and back of the aquarium windows.
·         Cut three strips of tape & use them to maintain second place with adhesive tape and the glass screen of the aquarium, as well as front and back walls.
·         Leave the tank to dry for 24 hours.
·         Remove the tape and matchboxes.
·         Cut the nylon bag open wide, to create a single piece of nylon fabric. Put this in the first compartment of the tank, right side. Positive means of nylon fabric piece in the tank floor away in the first round of glass and the rest position against the first glass panel to form a barrier of nylon the difference between the bottom of the cup and the bottom of the aquarium.
·         Carefully place of coral sand in the first compartment. Set on top of nylon filled with a hand full of hand. Place sufficient sand to a height of 4 inches from the floor of the aquarium. Place the rock on the sand in a corner behind the mode of sand.
·         Fill in the aquarium, which is designed for the cup; the water height is 1 inch above the second piece of glass.
·         Place the bomb in the compartment on the left side of the box.
·         Connect the hose from the pump to the main display tank above the sump. Connect the tubing to the main display tank run on the right side of the deck. Place the tube to run on the rock, for not disturbing the sand.
·         Place the two heaters in the sump, in the room next to the sand. Add bottle of bacteria in the marsh, by pouring into the space with sand. Turn the bilge pump.

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