Friday, January 10, 2014

Visit a Public Aquarium in Summer 2014

Looking for something to do during summer vacations or school breaks? Find yourself with extra time on your hands during a business trip? Need a fun activity for a special event? Consider visiting a public aquarium - you won't regret it. Whether your passion is for saltwater or freshwater, there's no shortage of exhibits available throughout the world.

Some aquariums and zoos even offer the option to use their facilities to hold special events outside of normal business. What could be more fun than to have a birthday or anniversary party at an aquarium?

During holidays and summers, aquariums often have special displays as well as special discounts on admission prices. Some aquariums have even begun offering visitors the opportunity to scuba dive in their displays.

Public aquariums are wonderful learning experiences for children. Many facilities offer educational materials and programs. School groups can usually get special rates, and are provided with chaperones to conduct a customized tour for the group. Most of the larger aquariums offer both offsite and onsite educational programs.

Don't forget that many zoos have aquarium sections, so check them out too. Every aquarium or zoo has a curator (often several). Curators are very dedicated people who are passionate about their trade. If you contact the curator of the aquarium you want to visit, I guarantee they will be delighted to work with your school group.

Aquariums Online
Quite a few public aquariums have jumped into the Internet waters by offering sites featuring virtual tours. Some have live fish cams, while others offer educational reading, and many offer games with aquatic themes.

Whether you visit a public aquarium on vacation, go for a school outing, or simply spend an evening taking a virtual tour online, you won’t be disappointed with our visit.

Have you visited a public aquarium and have something to share about your visit? Email your comments to me and I'll add them to this feature.

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